07 sep 2019  -  08 sep 2019


BMW Alpina B10 BiTurbo 30 Years Anniversary

1989 – 2019


Do you remember what happened in March 1989? The BMW Alpina B10 BiTurbo has been presented at the Automobile Saloon in Geneva for the very first time to the broad public. The fastest sedan on earth at that time fascinated the trade press as well as the public.


That was exactly 30 years ago and this is the reason why we want to celebrate this anniversary together with you and your B10 BiTurbo. We are planning a meeting in Hamburg together with other B10 BiTurbo owners and Alpina.


The meeting will take place in Hamburg from 07. – 08.09.2019. We have chosen a hotel in the north of the city and will arrive on 06.09.2019.


Steigenberger Hotel Treudelberg Hamburg treudelberg



We will not be able to guarantee that all participants will find a room in this hotel and we therefore recommend to find yourself a hotel in the near!


Next to a great coming together and the share of the enthusiasm for this milestone in the history of Alpina we have planned a photo shooting with all B10 BiTurbo participating in this meeting. Besides this we are trying to organize a meeting on the basis of the test report from “Sport Auto” in 1990 together with a Ferrari Testarossa like back in the days to create a beautiful revival.






Furthermore we would like to drive together in a convoy on the Autobahn. A trip to Hamburg City can be planned as well, depending on the number of participants.





A road book will be created for all participants with a fully organized event-schedule during this weekend.


We are happy to receive your consent as soon as possible so that we are able to continue our planning. In case you want to join the meeting please contact us:



Alpina-Gemeinschaft Florastraße 3

81827 München Deutschland

BMW Alpina B10 BiTurbo 30 Years Anniversary

Jörgen Johansson

BMW nörd som var med och grundade Gävleträffen som var 1991-2006. Har sjukligt intresse för statistik om BMW bilar. Passerat 30 BMW bilar

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